Abstrakt Services, 79-81 Chester Street, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4AE

'Abstrakt Services completely understand our need to deliver a great newsstand
package, fast turnaround and reliability without ever compromising quality'

Group Production Manager Immediate Media

from nail varnish to nappies,
we've got it in the bag!

We've spent years perfecting our expertise in polywrapping pretty much anything and everything - including items that seemed impossible! Every week we polywrap millions of magazines, brochures, and Part-Works, so you can see examples of our work in newsagents across the world!

High specification, automated equipment (some of it unique to Abstrakt) and flexible operating systems mean we can be really competitive on price. Our versatile services include:

abstrakt chevrons

Side, centre and header sealed packs allow us to simply and effectively protect your magazine or product (we can also polybag them by hand if you prefer)

The ability to wrap anything up to 340 x 420mm (& up to 60mm high) Cosmetics, Clothes, Nappies, Flip Flops, Beach Bags... let us get our hands on it!

Our 8 Sitma machines enable us to respond rapidly and reliably to your requirements. Stand alone mobile feeders allow us to set the machine to any pack configuration.

In-line pre & post wrap inkjet personalisation, complemented by cut sheet laser printing, allows us to personalise message or mailng details to individual customers.

Dedicated handwork teams give us the flexibility to respond to bespoke requirements, including inserting product samples and belly banding prior to the final wrap process.

In-line hot glue melting means items can be affixed to a front cover accurately and at high speed.

Twin Packs. We are the only UK polywrapper able to offer the option of twin pack magazines.

Handles in sealed headers. Unlike other UK providers, we are able to cut a handle in the sealed polywrap, making the magazine, brochure or product easier to carry home.